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Happy Birthday

Wishing you a very grand birthday, may you get your every wish

Making my way back

It has been a l-o-n-g time since I posted anything here, and I am sorry I've been away so long! Life kind of steamrolled over me and I'm trying to get everything back on track.

Back in June, we had a fire upstairs from me-I live in a two family building, and the folks on the second floor decided that they were unhappy to be evicted. They chose to retaliate toward my landlord (former landlord, but that is later) by setting fire to the apartment at four in the morning, endangering my sons and I in the process. Lucky for us, there was a very quick response to the call, and we suffered only a bit of water damage in our apartment. But when the inspector came to view the damages, he found a lot of minor code violations, nothing really bad by themselves, but when added together were enough to possibly make it so that we would have to move. Having lived there over eleven years, I was, needless to say, not really wanting to move, as I have good friends in the area, and the rent was reasonable. Long story a bit shorter, my apartment was completely remodeled, with new kitchen, new bathroom, new floors throughout, and everything was painted, cleaned and spruced up. We finally got word in November that the place had been approved for us to remain, and I thought things were resolved. End of story, right?

Not so fast. After the expense of renovations, and the regulations and code upgrades my landlord (remember that 'former' comment?) decided, in January, that he didn't want to deal with the City of St. Louis any more, and posted the building for sale. I had told him before that I would be interested in buying it, but before I could arrange for any kind of financing, he called to tell me the building was sold. So then, I had to wait to talk to the new owner, to find out if the rent would be going up, if I would still be able to afford the place, and other things (like could we keep the cat? etc.) Again, long to short, the new owner is a very nice and reasonable woman, she loves cats (so the kitty stays, YAY!) and the rent is still a reasonable amount, though more than I was paying. She has made many improvements that I had been trying to get done for many years, all in the month or so since she acquired the place. And, for the first time since I've lived there, I actually have an honest-to-goodness lease.

So this is the saga of life as I have experienced it since last June-I hope things will stay calm for a while. I have also embarked on several new projects-two blogs besides this one, with reviews and book tours at one, and reviews and musings at the other. I have started beta reading for several authors, and have become a line editor for one as well. My first book is sitting at 25000+ words, my jewelry crations are starting to get better, and I hope to start selling my things soon. My day job has been changed-no more money but much more responsibility and variety. I am much happier doing what I do, now.

On the home front, my grandchildren, all seven boys, are doing well, and I enjoy spending time with them when I can.

Coming January 21, 2011, see my interview with Joselyn Vaughn as she talks about herself and her upcoming release, Courting Sparks.

The full schedule, with links, for Joselyn's tour is below-follow her and comment at each stop to better your chances of winning, but be sure to be here on January 21 for the final stop.

January 7: Goddess Fish Party Pavilion (http://goddessfishparty.blogspot.com)

January 10: Grace Elliot - gripping historical romance(http://graceelliot-author.blogspot.com)
January 11: The Life(and lies)of an inanimate flying object (http://haleymathiot.blogspot.com)

January 12: D. Renee Bagby Presents First Chapters (http://dreneebagbypresentsfirstchapters.blogspot.com)

January 13: Long Live Chick Lit (https://longlivechicklit.wordpress.com)

January 14: Jennifer Shirk (http://www.jennifershirk.blogspot.com)

January 17: Authors by Authors (http://authorsbyauthors.blogspot.com)

January 18: Just Views (http://justviews.net/wp)

January 19: The Skylarverse (http://skylarkade.com/blog)

January 20: Sue Perkins, Fantasy, Romance & Young Adult Author (http://sueperkinsauthor.blogspot.com)

January 21: My Odd Little World (http://nancyg1950.blogspot.com)

And who knows, I may just find a way to sweeten the pot with some prizes of my own! Stop in and comment, and bring your friends! After due consideration, and much checking of finances, I find that I am going to definitely sweeten the pot!! One lucky commentor to my blog will win a $10 Amazon Gift Certificate. So be sure to come by!

Writer's Block: Must Have Gadget

What technology gadgets are on your wish list?

I would love a new ereader-heaven knows I have tried over two hundred different contests to win one, but no luck so far.

Party At Viv's Place!!!

From the world of the inimitable Vivian Arend!!

First the good news. Rocky Mountain Haven is releasing in less than week. Yup- April 19th.

Now the great news. We’re having another party!! Yes, we’re going to test out the claim that I’ve now got unlimited bandwidth. What a great reason to have some fun.

Welcome to the Six Pack Ranch, where learning to live again takes some sensual twists.

Beth Danube has escaped to a small Alberta town to make a new start for herself and her three little boys. Her emotionally abusive husband may be dead and buried, but so is her heart. What she doesn’t want is another man in her life—not now, maybe not ever. Yet when her libido reawakens after ten years of unsatisfactory sex in the missionary position is any woman strong enough to turn down sex-in-boots, Daniel Coleman?

The middle child of the rowdy Coleman boys, Daniel’s the quiet one who has always subdued his desires and acted as peacemaker. His powerful attraction to the young widow takes him by storm, and he’s willing to pursue her until they both find satisfaction—in and out of the bedroom.

Only Beth isn’t sure she’s ready to cross the line. Becoming friends with blazing hot benefits means she’s still the one in control. Letting her heart trust again? She isn’t that brave—or foolish. Daniel is going to have to be mighty convincing to help her overcome the past.


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Happy Birthday

Wishing you the happiest of birthday's Dana! Enjoy many more.  Nancy G.


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Happy Birthday

I want to wish you the very happiest of birthdays, Angela!! If not for your support I never would have embarked upon my secondary career as a reviewer, and now I have been recruited to a second review site, making that three. So thank you and Happy Birthday (and I still want to read more about the folks from Nocturne-don't think I've forgotten about them)    Nancy Gilliland



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